Alexis “LEX” Brumfield



When it comes to “bossing” Lex is no stranger.  She has three businesses that she started from ground up and is currently running them successfully. Lex is a MUA (Dollface Makeup Artistry by LEX), a licensed Louisiana realtor, Tax Preparer, and owns ½ of Brumfield and Perry Group, LLC.  and is now the CEO/ Founder of The Makeup Chamber.

        If you ask Lex about makeup and the art she would tell you “Makeup was always a hobby for me, but I turned it into a lucrative business. Makeup is my therapy, I literally use to do makeup for free. It’s nothing that I would have ever thought that I would be this into. I’ve always loved numbers and accounting.  This is so overwhelming.”

                The Makeup Chamber was just a thought in 2016, Lex knew she wanted to start a makeup line, but had no idea where to start. She was working full-time, raising kids, and running other businesses. That all changed when she heard about Supa and how amazing here line was. This was inspiration. As time progressed her ideas for the line got more and more creative. Lex started to think of things that were very “out-of-the-box” for her line. She also knew that the beauty industry is very competitive, and you must be unique and stand out. You must be ORIGINAL. With extensive work with an amazing graphic designer. The Artist’s Palette came about.

                Building a new business is never easy, so Lex had this idea to stay behind the scenes of The Makeup Chamber, in fear that it would not get support.  As very many brands get looked over. When asked why, she simply said, “I’m not famous, who would want to buy products from an undiscovered MUA.” But she had no platform.

On May 19th, 2019, after being asked to join many makeup groups she decided to start her own and named it for her brand “THE MAKEUP CHAMBER.”  The group grew rapidly, she decided to make it the home for public relations, and she gave all the MUAs in her area Admins and Moderators positions to help manage the group. When the group gains 1000 members, prizes are given, and PRs are added to our list.  Platform.

Lastly, we asked Alexis, where do you see The Makeup Chamber in the next year? She said with a smirk, “UP! Stay tuned.”